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We appreciate your interest in Jost Chemical. Please contact our Sales staff for product and technical questions, sample requests, and customer inquiries.

Africa and Middle East
Sebastien Deloffre, Regional Sales Manager

Asia Pacific
Jeff Lenger, Director of Sales and Marketing

Sebastien Deloffre, Regional Sales Manager

North America and Latin America
Pam Feldt, US Sales Manager
Lew Jackson, Eastern Regional Sales Manager (Maine to Florida)
Chuck Krueger, Midwest and Southern Regional Sales Manager
Wendy Farrington, Western Regional Sales Manager (Colorado and west)


Customer Service

Jost’s Customer Service department will assist your company with new orders, order status, address changes and invoice inquiries.

North America, Latin America, Asia/Pacific and China
+1 314 428 4300

Europe, Middle East and Africa
+32 85 552 655