Protect your particles… just encase.

Our chemists are always innovating – always asking how we can do more for the markets we serve. That’s why our scientists developed the JOSTCOTE® commercial line of microencapsulated high purity mineral salts. Our coating technology helps to mask taste and odor of the active substance and minimize formulation component interaction that can result in finished product stability issues. In addition, our microencapsulation provides flexibility in matrix coating options and superior particle size control to help enhance the mouth feel and texture of the finished dosage form.

There is opportunity for microencapsulating any of our high purity USP/EP/FCC/JP/ACS grade products, making Jost your choice for the highest quality microencapsulated products in the marketplace. As an added benefit to our customers, Jost will also microencapsulate high quality ingredients outside our existing product line.


Choose JOSTCOTE® products to:
  • Enhance the finished dosage form
  • Mask the taste and odor of the active substance
  • Improve texture and mouthfeel
  • Minimize instability due to component interaction
  • Prevent degradation
  • Extend shelf life
  • Streamline the supply chain
JOSTCOTE® Microencapsulated applications include:
  • Food fortification (premixes)
  • Clinical nutrition
  • Chewable tablets and capsules
  • Rapid-dissolve tablets
  • Nutrition bars
  • Animal health supplements
  • Sachets
  • Non-GMO, halal- and kosher-certified products

JOSTCOTE® Microencapsulated Products

Pure quality, covering every last particle.

All JOSTCOTE® microencapsulated products are manufactured with USP/EP/FCC- grade mineral salts observing cGMP methods at our FDA-registered facilities. While microencapsulated products are not part of the compendial monograph, Jost considers the impurity profile a crucial factor when selecting ingredients. Our products exhibit extremely low levels of Pb, Cd, As and Hg.

Due to planned changes to the US Pharmacopeia General Chapter related to elemental impurities, Jost’s QC group performed heavy metal analysis of our JOSTCOTE® line.