Jost Chemical is committed to our customers, our employees and to high performance teamwork. As a leader in the manufacture of specialty chemicals, we believe it is reasonable for our employees to expect that Jost Chemical will strive to:

  • provide competitive pay based on job responsibilities and demonstrated performance.
  • provide a benefit program that is competitive and above the market with others in the industry.
  • be a responsive employer of choice and adhere to the principles of equal employment and fair treatment in its employment practices.
  • provide opportunities for and encouragement of professional growth and development.

Our experience has shown that when employees and employers behave with positive assumptions about each other, the work environment can be exceptional and communications can be clear.

In an effort to protect and maintain direct employee/employer communications, we respect and protect the right of Jost Chemical employees to speak for themselves. We have an open-door policy where employees are encouraged to speak openly to any level of management up to, and including, the president. Our employees know that the Management and Human Resource teams are dedicated to supporting this commitment.